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Selling an Empty Property

If you do not wish to rent out your property, an alternative option may be to sell.

If this is the route you wish to take, you will need to get your property valued. This can be done by:

  • A professional property surveyor - this is likely to provide the most accurate valuation;
  • An Estate Agent - this will be done based on the prices of properties of similar sizes and types in the same area;
  • Estimating the value yourself - by looking at how much similar properties have sold for recently in the local area. There is a risk to this approach in getting the value wrong.
Following the property valuation, the asking price can be decided.  Be prepared to be flexible with potential buyers however, as they may try to negotiate on the price.   

Selling a property involves a complex legal process. It is therefore advisable to seek advise from a legal professional, such as a solicitor or conveyancer to conduct the legal process of the sale, once this has been agreed.

There are different methods of selling a property.

  • it can be sold through an estate agent,
  • sold at an auction,
  • or by advertising the property yourself.
No Use Empty (West) can help you sell by putting you in contact with developers or individuals interested in purchasing empty properties, in the following ways: 

Use the ‘Empty Properties for Sale’ listings. About the list:

When you advertise a property for sale on this site, you are confirming the following:

  • That you are the owner of the property and are entitled to sell it.
  • That you agree for the property to be advertised for sale on

Land and property on this website is advertised for the owner. When we are approached by an individual who is interested in purchasing a property that we are aware of, we are able to pass their onto the registered owner, so that they can contact them directly. It is then a private matter between the two parties.

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