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Another Neglected Empty Private Home Brought Back into Use

A property that had been left empty for 10 years has now been brought back on to the market thanks to the No Use Empty West initiative. 

The property, which is located in Southmead, Bristol, had fallen into grave disrepair.  The garden had become overgrown with weeds and Rubbish whilst the property itself and was already attracting acts of anti-social behaviour.

The council reacted to this by launching intense negotiations with the owner.   Eventually the council was able to buy the property from the landlord, with help from the Housing and Communities Agency’s Empty Homes Programme, and sell it on to Jephson Housing Association Group. 

Jephson then quickly cleared and renovated the property and the House has now been returned to use as a family home.  

Counsellor Mark Bradshaw described the project as “another success story for the city”.

“Our approach is always to work with homeowners to help them bring an empty house back into use. We can provide advice and access to a range of help. But where someone refuses to engage with us then we will proceed to enforcement action including a Compulsory Purchase Order in the last resort.”

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404 empty properties were brought back into use in 2010/11 in Bristol.
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