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Vacant properties are 'No Use Empty'

Vacant properties are 'No Use Empty'

Bristol City Council has joined forces with Kent County Council which has found success with the authority’s 'No Use Empty' properties initiative.

Bringing empty homes back into use is a key aim of our Housing Strategy which uses a variety of measures ranging from advice and financial incentives to enforcement, in order to encourage landlords to bring properties back into use.

Using the valuable experience gained by another council

We are working to get more unused private housing back on the market by joining forces with the Kent campaign, making use of the authority’s experience, expertise and targeted resources.

Tackling the shortage of housing in Bristol is one of the most important challenges facing the city and in order to reduce the gap we need to use every means at our disposal. Targeting empty homes is one of them.

Partnership with Kent’s well-established and successful campaign will enable us to make use of their skills and resources at a saving to local taxpayers.

It will highlight the benefits of bringing an empty home back into use and will provide simple, clear information to homeowners through a ‘one-stop shop'.

Kent County Council said: “We recognise the value of turning empty properties into much-needed homes and have had tremendous success in the five years that we have been operating our ‘No Use Empty’ scheme.

“We have long believed that it is a viable solution to the problem of housing shortage nationally, not just in Kent, and the scheme has deservedly received national recognition.

“It’s fantastic news that Bristol City Council is now adopting the 'No Use Empty' brand. We can share our knowledge and expertise with them to help breathe new life into more communities through the use of empty and derelict properties.”

Help is available to those wanting to take action

We believe that houses should not lie empty long-term when so many people struggle to find accommodation. Long-term property voids can drag down an area, attracting anti-social behaviour such as vandalism and arson. As the case of a recent compulsory purchase of 141 Cheltenham Road demonstrates, if people will not co-operate and if all attempts at resolution fail, the council will take action.

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404 empty properties were brought back into use in 2010/11 in Bristol.
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