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Loans for Empty Properties

Does your property need extensive repair or upgrading before it can be rented out? Loan schemes are available from local authorities which could cover costs to make the property weather tight, replace a dilapidated kitchen or bathroom or other works to ensure the property is in good repair and free of hazards.

Below is a brief outline of the loan schemes being offered by the West of England Authorities.

Contact the relevant empty property officer for full terms and conditions.

Bath and North East Somerset

Bath and North East Somerset have Wessex Resolution loans available for eligible empty properties.

  • Property must have been empty for at least two years and be considered a priority property. Maximum loan £30K.
  • Small grant might be available - if the property has been empty more than two years - to make property rentable/ habitable or to pay for costs such as planning permission.

For more information, contact the Empty Property Officer on 01225 396411 or e-mail

Bristol City Council loans

  • Subject to eligibility you can borrow up to£15,000 per self-contained unit and a maximum limit of £60,000 property. Loan interest rates are subsidised and owners only pay at the rate of 4% fixedthroughout the term of the loan.
  • For Letting: Capital and Interest Repayment loan over a period of up to 10 years. Properties must be let for a period of 5 years upon completion of the works.

  • For Selling: available as a short term interest only loan with full capital repayment within two years of draw down or on disposal of theproperty.

  • The property must have been empty for a minimum period of 6 months.

    Please contact the Empty Property Unit on 0117 3525010 or email

North Somerset Council loans

North Somerset Council offers loans through Wessex Home Improvement Loans.

  • Empty property loan: Property must have been empty for six months or more. Can be used to create up to two units of accommodation. Maximum loan £15,000 per property. (Also possible further top up loan of £10,000 per property at 0% interest in return for nomination rights).
  • Landlord loan: available for properties which have been empty less than six months in return for nomination rights. Maximum loan of £15,000.
  • In exceptional circumstances other options may be available ie for a repair and sale option.

For further details contact either Claire Baxter on 01934 42 6945 or email

South Gloucestershire loans

South Gloucestershire Councilís loan scheme is run through Wessex Home Improvement Loans.

  • Empty property loan: no minimum period empty. Loan of up to £15,000. Property can be sold or rented on completion.
  • Landlord loan: Small interest free loans of up to £1,000 available to bring property up to a letting standard. Can provide help to find contractors and obtain quotes.

For more information, please contact the Empty Homes Officer on 01454 86 5565 or email

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You could recieve a loan of up to around £10-15,000 to help renovate and empty home!
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