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Letting an Empty Property

See Factsheet 2: Letting your house or flat

Are you a new or prospective owner of a property standing empty? There are schemes available to help you get renting through an agent or becoming a landlord yourself. We want to encourage owners to take these steps but the work involved in being a landlord should not be underestimated.

Renting through council-run, tenant finding or rent deposit schemes   

Under these schemes local authorities are able to assist in finding suitable tenants for your property.  A deposit guarantee scheme can also involve the council guaranteeing an agreed level of rent as a deposit (usually one month). 

Renting through a lettings/managing agent

If you want to let your property, but don't have the time to do it yourself and would like someone else to deal with the details of letting and managing the property, then you will want a reliable agent.

Organisations such as The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), Bristol Association of Letting and Managements Agents (BALMA) will help you choose an agent you can depend on.

Private renting with the owner as landlord

This option is for landlords who are confident that they know their responsibilities and best practice in managing properties.  This option saves you the cost of an agent, but can require a considerable investment in time.  If problems arise, you may require advice from a professional such as a lawyer or accountant, which may come at a cost.  Landlord associations are a good source of advise and assistance and can provide most of the information that a self-managing landlord would require.

The West of England Partnership has developed a Landlord Manual which has comprehensive, quality information for private landlords and agents.  This document is available on this website under Online Landlord Manual

Below are some useful contact numbers for organisations that may be able to help with letting your property:

Tel:  0845 3455752
Fax: 0149 443 1530

National Landlords Association
Tel: 020 7840 8900
Fax: 0871 247 7535

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404 empty properties were brought back into use in 2010/11 in Bristol.
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