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Inherited property

Bereavement is an anxious time and there are many issues to sort out in relation to the deceasedís estate. Often families are worried about a property that theyíve inherited, which may now be empty.

Keeping a property safe

One concern is that the property remains safe while itís empty.  This website offers some useful advice on keeping a property safe

Sometimes those inheriting wish to rent their property out while itís still going through probate or being registered with the land registry in order to avoid leaving the property empty for a long time. More information on renting out your empty property can be found here.

Myth-busting EDMO legislation in relation to inherited properties

This legislation, which puts the management of long term empty properties into the hands of the local council, does not apply to inherited properties going through probate - however long that takes - and for a further two years after grant of representation has been obtained. In most cases the property would then continue to be exempt from this legislation, for example if the property was marketed for sale or rent, or if it was used as a holiday home. 

Read more EDMO myth-busting in this document.

Further advice can be obtained from your local empty property team or from the independent charity, Cruse Bereavement Care ( Telephone the Cruse Helpline: 0844 477 9400.

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In Bristol, a total of 677 empty properties were brought back in to use in 2012/2013 - 169 above the target set by the local authority!
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