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Financial Assistance


Loans are available from your local authority to help fund repairs needed to bring your empty property back into use.

All the loan schemes with each authority are run through Wessex Home Improvement Loans. Properties must have been empty for at least 6 months.

Each authority runs a slightly different scheme so itís important to check the terms of each one. Broadly though the following apply:
  • Dependant on the scheme, loans are available as a capital and interest repayment loan over a period of up to 15 years. The minimum amount you can borrow is £1000, but subject to eligibility the maximum loans in each authority range from £15,000 to £60,000 dependant on the individual scheme.
  • Loan interest rates are subsidised and owners only pay at the rate of 4% fixed throughout the term of the loan. In all cases following the works carried out the property must be brought back into residential use.

There is more information under our Empty Property Loan page


In Bath and North East Somerset you may also be able to get a small grant to help you decide how best to re-use your property - this could include commissioning plans, specialist reports etc. 

VAT Relief on Empty Properties

If your property has been empty for 2 years or more you could be elligable for considerable reduced VAT rate on the cost of developing your property.  Click here to find out more.

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Bristol Syrian Resettlement Scheme
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In Bristol, a total of 677 empty properties were brought back in to use in 2012/2013 - 169 above the target set by the local authority!
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