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Benefits of filling empty properties

Putting your empty property to use has clear benefits. Bringing empty homes back into use as accommodation brings these benefits to you, your property and the wider community:

    1. The provision of good homes. Getting your empty property back into use helps those in need of decent homes.
    2. The value of your property. Taking steps to fill an empty property means you are getting best value from your chief asset.
    3. The preservation of greenfield sites. Doing up your property (known as a ‘redfield site’), to turn it into accommodation, means you are helping to avoid building on greenfield sites.
    4. Flourishing neighbourhoods. Areas and properties surrounding yours are improved with each empty property filled.
    5. A feeling of well-being and safety. Taking action helps our communities’ sense of well-being and respect for their surroundings.
    6. Care for the environment. Doing so is an asset for the environment: it is cheaper to refurbish empty properties than to build new houses and is less costly in terms of the carbon footprint.

Our aim is to help owners to enjoy the benefits of filling empty properties, bringing them back into use to meet local housing need. To help landlords, developers and new owners fill empty homes, No Use Empty (West) now offers on-line resources through these pages. We trust you find them helpful.

Please note. If necessary councils can take enforcement action where: owners persist in leaving a property empty; if an empty home is an eyesore, or if it's a danger to public safety.


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Carrying out retro-fitting procedures on empty properties could save you money and improve your carbon footprint.
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