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Independent Renovation Projects

Council helps a small community group make a big difference to their neighbourhood

Council grants a community group finacial assistance when an Empty property starts to blight their community

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A successfully reoccupied home in Bristol

An example where Council and a Private Landlord can work together to achieve their mutual goal

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Gospel Hall finds its voice

A local, listed Gospel Hall had been empty since 1972.

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Success for Kingswood

An Empty Homes Grant funded a conversion of the property into smaller units which are now used as temporary accommodation.

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More success in Kingswood

After 12 empty months two homes are made available.

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An eco-renovation

Completing energy-efficiency work when doing up a property can be a good investment, particularly with rising fuel prices. Find out how a South West couple improved their property, and increased its value to cover all costs.

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In South Gloucestershire 181 empty properties were returned to use in 2012/13!
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