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Empty Property Week 2011: Project One

No Use Empty West puts the house in order with a renovation demonstration! Watch the progress of our first Empty Homes Week 2011 property clear-up project.

Property One - in the south of Bath.

It can be a daunting task to make a property habitable. For whatever reason a property has been left empty, knowing where to start can be the hardest part and can cause anxiety for the person taking responsibility for it. Getting some simple advice and good contacts can be all thatís needed to set you off in the right direction. This project demonstrates what can be done to make properties fit for sale or rent, and to keep them safe from damage and vandalism.

  • These photos show the condition of the property in November and December 2011.
  • Follow progress here on the work taking place and see what can be achieved.
  • Watch the video of the clear up stage, with comments from Batch & North East Somerset council.

December 2011. Empty Homes Week  2011 is now over and the property has been tidied and made ready for sale.

May 2012:  The property has been sold! This is a great result for the team and the local area.  Thanks to the Empty Property Initiative, action has been taken to turn this potential hazard into a home for those in need. 

Summary: The house had been previously empty for over ten years and showed little sign of ever being brought back into use by its owner. Fortunately Empty Property Week was able to change all that. With the help of the Handy Help Scheme, run by the DHI in Bath, the property was cleared and renovated to bring it back up to a market standard.

The owner has since stated that, without the intervention of the No Use Empty scheme, the property would have remained empty.  He appreciated the help and support that was provided and is very happy with the final outcome.  The property had become a burden to him and with the help provided he is now been able to move on.  This is a great example of what the council can do to help local landowners.  It shows how they can collaborate with the project in order to reach a mutually satisfactory result.

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