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A successfully reoccupied home in Bristol

In December 2008 Bristol City Council’s Empty Property Team became aware of an empty home and approached the owners to try and bring it back into use.

Following the owner’s stated desire to refurbish, regular contact was maintained with them over a period of time during which information and advice was offered, including lists of builders and details of empty property loans available. After considering the possibility of a loan the owners decided to finance the works themselves and renovation finally started in February 2011.

Unfortunately work dragged on and the council decided to look at more formal action. The property was visited to carry out a survey and the possibility of an Empty Dwelling Management Order was discussed with the owner. After these discussions the owner made a renewed commitment to completing the work to agreed timescales.  Now major repairs have been completed, including works to the chimney stack, roof, damp proofing, re-plastering, re-wiring and a new kitchen and bathroom. The property has now been let to tenants.

Summary: Reflecting on the case the owner said “may I thank your team for your patience with us, you have been fair and I hope our honest cooperation with you has helped with this.”

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In South Gloucestershire 181 empty properties were returned to use in 2012/13!
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